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Company Name F+
Type Alphabetic
Sisters UVWYƱУЎҰΥ υו‬וּ‬וֹ‬وۋ‬ܘࠅ𐎆𐌖Վ վՈ ոՒ ւև
Variations (See below)
Descendants • Ḟ • ₣ • ℉ • ꟻ • ꬵ • ∫ • 𝆑
Development Ϝ ϝ ϛ𐌅F f, Ϝ ϝ ϛ𐌅F f, Ϝ ϝ ϛ𐌅F f, Ϝ ϝ ϛ𐌅F f, Ϝ ϝ ϛ𐌅F f, 𐌅F f, F f
Time period ~-700 to present
Unicode value U+0046, U+0066
Phonetic usage [f][ɸ~h][ʍ~xʷ][v]/ɛf/
Writing system Latin script
Associated numbers 6
Language of origin Latin language
Alphabetical position 6Numerical value: 6
Transliteration equivalents UVWY
Other letters commonly used with f(x)

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